Messages to Sexual and Gender Minorities and their family - Family Relationship

Family Relationship

As a parent, do you have the following doubts?

  • My child is a transgender. Is he/she abnormal or does he/she have a mental illness? Is there any medication for them?

    In the past, transgender was treated as a mental illness called Gender Identity Disorder. However, nowadays transgender has been stopped being treated as a mental illness and has been renamed as Gender Dysphoria. Transgender people only experience an inconsistency between their gender identity and physical sex, having no difference in their intelligence and mental ability compared with other people. There is no need for medication. Instead, allowing them to live a life of their own is the best way to help them.

  • Did my child change the gender because of negative experiences in the past?
  • Was there something wrong with my parenting?
  • My child is a transgender. How can they have a happy life? Can he/she get married in the future? Can they be happy without a child?
  • Will the society accept my child? Can my child find a job?
  • It' s just shameful to have a transgender child. How can I explain it to relatives?
  • I can' t accept my child. What should I do?
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