Messages to Sexual Minorities and their Family - Violence in Intimate Relationships

Violence in Intimate Relationships

  • Are STIs terrifying?

    With the developments of medical technology, there are remedies or treatments for almost all well-known STIs nowadays. AIDS was seen as incurable in the past, but now there are also treatments to maintain the patients’ health.  Taking medication regularly can reduce the quantity of virus in people living with HIV to an undetectable viral load. In this way, the virus will not be transmitted (U&U: Undetectable = Untransmittable), while the life expectancy of them is not different from other people.

  • Are sexually transmitted diseases more likely to be contracted by sexual minorities?
  • How to ask for help if you are worried about your sexual health / want to have a STD test but feel worried?
  • Is sexual health equal to no venereal disease?

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